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Replacing Original Nintendo Audio Amplifier (Amp) with a New Amp


Anthony Pietrak


Most of Nintendo earlier classic games (such as Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros. and Popeye) use a sound amplifier off the game board (mounted on the monitor) to amplify sound. While generally reliable these amplifiers are sometimes missing from the game and do fail on occasion.

Installing a new sound amplifier is rather simple. New amplifier kits can be purchased from stores such as Jameco (http://www.jameco.com) for under $10. You'll want to find an amp that runs on 5 VDC or 12VDC. A new amp should have three basic connections 1) sound input 2) power input and 3) sound output). Just make these three connections and you're home free.

The sound input are the two wires coming from the game circuit board that go the sound amplifier (they plug in on the left side of the old amp). Sound output are the two wires coming from the speaker. You can power the new amp by tapping the 5 VDC (or 12 VDC depending on your amp) and ground going from the power supply to the game board.

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