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Crazy Kong Pinout





Pinouts for "Crazy Kong" (Falcon, 1982)

with corrections from Jonathan Walton 21Sep96
this is the inverse pinout (put your connector on backwards, since
parts side and solder side are flipped) to the Falcon bootleg version
of Ms PacMan

        component side        solder side
        --------------        -----------
                   GND   1  A  GND
                   GND   2  B  GND
                   GND   3  C  GND
                SPKR +   4  D  SPKR GND
                  +12V   5  E  +12V
                 1P Up   6  F  N/C
                 2P Up   7  H  N/C
                   GND   8  J  GND
                   +5V   9  K  +5V
                   N/C  10  L  1P Down
                   N/C  11  M  2P Down
              2P Start  12  N  Coin 1
              1P Start  13  P  Coin 2
              1P Right  14  R  1P Jump
               1P Left  15  S  RED
                  BLUE  16  T  2P Right
                 GREEN  17  U  2P Left
                  SYNC  18  V  2P Jump


1) This is almost certainly a pirated version of Donkey Kong.
   Still, interesting, if for nothing else than #2 and #4 below:
2) It's got a neat little "speedup mod" hacked onto one of its
   chips.  Twist the pot and change the game's speed.
3) Pins 7/M:  Sorry, I didn't have time to check these two pins,
   but it should be pretty easy to figure out which one is up/down
   if you're hooking the game up in a cocktail unit.
4) Unlike the original, this board's video does not require inversion.
5) Audio is pre-amplified on the board and can directly drive a
   speaker.  There is also a volume pot on the board.


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