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Cliff Hanger Pinout Part 1




Hi folks,

Well here it is at last, Cliff Hanger pinouts and info. I couldn’t seem to ever
get any info from anyone so it became one of my holiday projects. Pinouts,
dips, hook-up info, and notes are included below.

====== CPU Board ZPU-2001 ==========
J5-5 Button ground
J5-2 Joystick ground
*** note the game uses 2 separate "grounds". They are not
actually grounds but strobes.
J6-4 Player 1 Start/Feet
J6-5 Player 2 Start/Feet
J6-7 Hands
J6-3 right coin switch
J6-2 left coin switch
J6-10 tilt
J6-6 key

J6-2 joystick up
J6-3 joystick right
J6-4 joystick down
J6-5 joystick left

Player interface cable:
J8-1 ring
J8-4 tip
J8-9 key

J3-1 5V
J3-2 Gnd
J3-3 Gnd
J3-5 5V

Interboard connector:
J2 This goes to the sound/interface board

======== Sound/interface board GSI-1000 ===========

J3-1 SSW (I don't know what this is)
J3-2 Gnd
J3-3 L + audio
J3-4 5V
J3-5 R + audio
J3-6 key
J3-7 12V
J3-8 L - audio
J3-9 R - audio

J1-1 R-Y (Some video signal, goes to overlay & NTSC card)
J2-2 Negative Composite Sync (JAMMA sync for newbies : ) )
J3-3 12V
J3-4 key
J3-5 Blue
J3-6 Red
J3-7 Green
J3-8 B-Y (another unknown video signal)
J3-9 - 5V (yes negative 5, not positive)

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