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Audio/Color modification


James Bright


This was printed in the Jan 1982 Star Tech Journal and was originally sourced in Exidy's Technical Newsletter "Zero Downtime."

There us a modification recommended for the "Venture" audio/color board. This is the board mounted on top of the main logic board. The modification is as follows:

  1. Cut the trace to pin 5 on the 74LS74 at position 6D.
  2. Jump the cut trace to 6D pin 6.

Editor's Note: In others words, you're removing the connection to 6D pin 5 and making it go to 6D pin 6.

This modification should be done. If not, there is the possibility that you may at times lose various sounds from your audio output. These sounds include:

  1. The "Hallmonster" when he crunches the "Winky."
  2. "Winky" going up to get his bow.
  3. The sound of "Winky" going down the steps.

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