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Space Dungeon Pinout Part 2




DATA/SOUND PCB (08-00002-001)

1 +5 (Red) [Power PCB J3-1 & ROM/IO PCB J11-1]
2 +5 (Red) [Power PCB J3-2 & ROM/IO PCB J11-2]
3 GND (Blk) [Power PCB J3-3 & ROM/IO PCB J11-3]
4 -5 (Brn) [Power PCB J3-4]
5 GND (Blk) [Power PCB J3-5 & ROM/IO PCB J11-5]
6 +12 (Yel) [Power PCB J3-6]
7 GND (Blk) [Power PCB J3-7]
8 +12 (Org) [Power PCB J3-8]
9 NC
10 +?12 (Blu) [Power PCB J3-10]
11 GND (Blk) [Power PCB J3-11 & ROM/IO PCB J11-11]
12 NC
13 NC
14 MRST (Wht) [Power PCB J3-14 & ROM/IO PCB J11-14]

<50-Pin Ribbon> [ROM/IO PCB J5]

<50-Pin Ribbon> [ROM/IO PCB J6 then onto

1 Right Speaker+ (Org)
2 Right Speaker- (Blk) [Says GND on PCB side]
3 Left Speaker+ (Yel)
4 Left Speaker- (Blk) [Says GND on PCB side]
5 NC

1 Volume Pot 1
2 NC
3 Volume Pot 2
4 NC
5 Volume Pot 3
(Note if holding pot with pins facing UP, Pin 1 is on the RIGHT)

POWER SUPPLY PCB (08-00007-001)

1 12VAC (Red) [Transformer]
2 12VAC (Red) [Transformer]
3 17VAC (Yel) [Transformer]
4 17VAC (Yel) [Transformer]
5 17VAC (Brn) [Transformer]
6 17VAC (Brn) [Transformer]

1 Col (Brn) [Heat Sink Assy]
2 Base (Org) [Heat Sink Assy]
3 Em (Yel) [Heat Sink Assy]
4 Em (Grn) [Heat Sink Assy]
5 Col (Blu) [Heat Sink Assy]
6 Base (Red) [Heat Sink Assy]
7 Em (Blk) [Heat Sink Assy]
8 NC

1 +5 (Red) [ROM/IO PCB J11-1 & Data/Sound PCB J1-1]
2 +5 (Red) [ROM/IO PCB J11-2 & Data/Sound PCB J1-2]
3 GND (Blk) [ROM/IO PCB J11-3 & Data/Sound PCB J1-3]
4 -5 (Brn) [Data/Sound PCB J1-4]
5 GND (Blk) [ROM/IO PCB J11-5 & Data/Sound PCB J1-5]
6 +12 (Yel) [Data/Sound PCB J1-6]
7 GND (Blk) [Data/Sound PCB J1-7]
8 +12 (Org) [Data/Sound PCB J1-8]
9 NC
10 +12 (Blu) [Data/Sound PCB J1-10]
11 GND (Blk) [ROM/IO PCB J11-11 & Data/Sound PCB J1-11]
12 +12 (Grn) [ROM/IO PCB J11-12 & Data/Sound PCB J1-12]
13 NC
14 MRST (Wht) [ROM/IO PCB J11-14 & Data/Sound PCB J1-14]

1 +5 (Red) [VIDEO PCB J1-1]
2 +5 (Red) [VIDEO PCB J1-2]
3 GND (Blk) [VIDEO PCB J1-3]
4 -5 (Brn) [VIDEO PCB J1-4]
5 GND (Blk) [VIDEO PCB J1-5]
6 +12 (Yel) [VIDEO PCB J1-6]
7 GND (Blk) [VIDEO PCB J1-7]
8 NC
9 NC
10 NC
11 GND (Blk) [VIDEO PCB J1-11]
12 NC
13 NC
14 MRST (Wht) [VIDEO PCB J1-14]


1 Adv Test (Yel) [ROM/IO PCB J15-1]
2 Sub Test (Grn) [ROM/IO PCB J15-2]
3 Slew Up (Blu) [ROM/IO PCB J15-3]
4 Slew Dn (Vio) [ROM/IO PCB J15-4]
5 Left Coin SW (Brn) [ROM/IO PCB J15-5]
6 Right Coin SW (Red) [ROM/IO PCB J15-6]
7 NC
8 Tilt (Org) [ROM/IO PCB J15-8]
9 NC
10 GND (Blk) [ROM/IO PCB J15-10]
11 Coin Lock? Out (Wht) [ROM/IO PCB J15-11]
12 Coin Lock Out (Wht/Blk) [ROM/IO PCB J15-12]
13 Coin Counter (Blk/Brn) [ROM/IO PCB J15-13]
14 +12 (Gry) [ROM/IO PCB J15-14]

1 Adv test (Yel) [Coin Door Pin 5]
2 Adjust Sw (Grn?) [Coin Door Pin 6]
3 Up (Vio) [Coin Door Pin 7]
4 Down (Gry?) [Coin Door Pin 8]
5 Left Coin Sw (Brn?) [Coin Door Pin 2]
6 Right Coin Sw (Red) [Coin Door Pin 3]
7 NC
8 Tilt SW (Org) [Coin Door Pin 4]
9 NC
10 GND (Blk?) [Coin Door Pin 1]
11 Coin Lockout? (Wht?) [Coin Door Pin 10]
12 Coin Lockout (Wht/Blk?) [Coin Door Pin 11]
13 Coin Counter (Wht/Gry?) [Coin Door Pin 12]
14 +12DC? (Grn?) [Coin Door Pin 9]

1. There doesnt seem to be -12V is this wiring diagram, Having looked briefly at a Qix pinouts I can see that these plugs are marked as NC on Space Dungeon. Qix Video, Rom/Io and Data/Sound share the same PCBs numbers also inferring they are the same.

There is an excellent article at
Which covers Qix to Jamma - I suspect this can be copied much the same for Space Dungeon - I will update this pinouts once I have undertaken this!

2. ____
MRST this Originates from the Power Supply PCB
not surer what it is, but the Qix-> Jamma has to say this...

* Note #2)
The second "special" connection is the MRST line, or Memory Reset.
There are 3 of these wires. On the original harness they are white in color
and are found on pin #14 of J1 on the Video board, pin #14 on J11 of the ROM
board and pin #14 on J1 of the Sound board. Bring all 3 of these wires together.
I'll try to show how they connect to the Jamma connector:
/ +[10uf cap](-)---> Jamma Ground
---------\ /
--------- > MRST -----------> ----[10K resistor]---> Jamma +5v
---------/ \
\---[Diode (banded end->)--> Jamma +5v

Twist the 3 MRST wires together and bring them close to where pins 1&2 (gnd)
and pins 3&4 (+5v) are on your Jamma connector. Connect the (+) end of the
10uf cap to the MRST wires and the (-) end to Jamma ground. Next, solder
one end of the 10K resistor to the MRST line, and the other end to Jamma +5v.
Parallel to the resistor, solder the non-banded end of the diode the MRST line,
and the banded end to Jamma +5v.

3. The Qix->Jamma article covers Sync also... Qix seems to have Comp. Sync coming from VIDEO PCB J2-2, which *maybe* an un-documented Space Dungeon feature ala. Defender PCBs (heres Hoping). The article Also States that Qix runs on Positive sync and seeing the pcb numbers tie up, its likely that a hex invertor will be needed also, so heres the wiring from the articale also...

* Note #1)
The first is the video sync connection. Qix uses separate vertical and
horizontal sync connections in the dedicated cabinet. To make it worse,
these are Positive sync. Jamma expects to see negative composite sync.
The wiring diagram that came with Qix shows separate Vert and Hor sync
connections only. The schematic shows a composite pin. This makes it a
little easier. Since this connection is positive composite, it will need
to be inverted. That's where the hex inverter comes in. Here are the
connections for the hex inverter:

Pos comp sync in---->-|1 14|-<--- +5v
Neg comp sync out---->-|2 /|
| / |
|.01uf |
| / |
| / |
Gnd ---|7 |

Connect pin #2 from J2 of the Video processor PCB to pin #1 of the Hex
inverter (We'll call it HC for short). Connect pin #2 of HC to the sync
pin of Jamma. Connect pin #7 of HC to Jamma ground, and pin #14 of HC to
Jamma +5v. Connect one end the .01uf capacitor to HC pin #7 and the other
end to HC pin #14.

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Prepared by Ravage (email ravage@rtype.com) 20-Dec-99

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