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Liberator Pinout Part 1




Subject: liberator docs and pinouts
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
From: mrbill@inferno.com
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 95 01:44:05 PST
Message-ID: <804734589602@inferno.com>
Organization: The Inferno - San Jose, CA
Lines: 174

Well, I typed up the docs for someone, so I decided to add the pinouts
and post them to the net. Someone please check the pinouts over and if
they look fine, upload the file to wiretap(Can't do it myself).

Liberator it a 1 or 2 player game. The action takes place in various
star systems in outer space. There are missile bases on planets and
enemy space ships that the player tries to destroy. The object of the
game it to find and destroy the enemy missile bases.

The player controls a fleet of 4 space ships, each located in the
corner of the screen. Each ship has a wepon that shoots a laser beam.
A fleet of 4 ships can have as many as 12 shots on screen at one time.
When the player pushed the fire button, a laser is launched from the
nearest space ship. Any object within the the explesion is destroyed.
Nearby object may also be damaged.

To protect his ship, a player must use the shield button. Each ship
has 4 shields at the begining of a level of play. A hit to a shield
destroys that shield and te corresponding shields that protect other

When starting a game, a player may select an advance level of play.
Level increase by 3 up to level 22. If a player selects and completes
successfully a higher level of play, he is awarded 30,000 bonus points
and an extra ship for each star system. There are 3 levels of game
play within each star system.

Game play begins in hyperspace of the first star system. Enemy ships
try to ram and destory the players spaceships. The player must destroy
these enemys with the fire button. There is no shield in hyperspace.
When the enemy spaceships are destroyed, level 1 and a revolving earth
like planet appear on the screen.

There are 4 enemy missile bases on the planet. The bases launch
missiles toward the players space ships. The missiles travel in a
curved line. The player must destory the missiles before they destroy
his space ships. When thee missile bases cross an imaginary vertical
line in the center of the planet, the bases become satellites. The
satellites launches a missile that travels in a stright line towards
the players spaceships.

The planets for levels 2 and 3 contain killer saucers in addition to
the missile bases. The saucer flies in space for a period of time and
then stops. It emits a sound and begins to increase in size. Then it
fires a death ray that can not be stopped. The player must destroy the
saucer before it increases in size, otherwise, the death raywill
destory his ship.

Game play in the 2nd star system starts in hyperspace with the enemy
spaceships trying to ram and destroy the players spaceships. After
successfully destroying the enemy ships, level 4 is displayed with a
revolving earth-like planet. The player must destroy 6 missile bases
on the revolving planet. Missile bases fire MIRVs which explode into 4
smaller missiles when hit. In this system there are 2 more planets
(Levels 5 and 6) that have killer suacers and missile bases that turn
into satellites.

Game play progresses thru many star systems. Play in each system
begins with enemy spaceships trying to ram the players spaceships.
Next there are 3 levels(each with a different planet) within a system.
In each new level, the color of the planet changes and the direction
of planet rotation reverses. Game play proceeds as before, but in each
new star system there are more missile bases and different obstacles.

Fireballs appear in the 3rd star system. Fireballs are red and yellow
circular shapes that apear to be burning. When shot with the laser
beam, the fireball slows down. It takes 4 shots to destroy a fireball.
In the 9th star system a master base appears. It is a white pulsating
base. The base is smart- it can sense when the laser beam is aimed at
it. The master base can decrease or increase the speed of the planet
or change the direction of planet rotation to avoid being destroyed!

In the 11th star system, starballs appear.(After the 10th star system,
fireballs become starballs) A starball slows down when it is shot by a
leaser beam but speeds up after the hit. It takes 4 shots to destroy a

After the 14th star system, there are one more MIRV and one more
starball for each new star system.

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