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Coin-Op : Arcade : Halley's Comet : KB-1221-98


Halley's Comet Pinout




Connector H:
   1 through 4 -- ground
   5 through 7 -- +5v
   8 -- -5v
   9 -- +13v
   10 -- key
   11 through 12 -- +12v

Connector T
    Component Side        Solder Side
     ground          1A     ground
     ground          2B     ground
     ground          3C     ground
     ground*         4D     ground*
     Video ground    5E     Video ground*
     Video sync      6F     Video sync*
     Key             7H     Key
     Video Red       8J     Video Red*
     Video Green     9K     Video Green*
     Video Blue     10L     Video Blue*
     -5V*           11M     -5V*
     -5V            12N     -5V*
     +12V*          13P    +12V*
     +12V           14R    +12V
     +5V*           15S    +5V*
     +5V            16T    +5V
     +5V            17U    +5V
     +5V*           18V    +5V*

Connector G:
   Component SIde       Solder Side
     Ground          1A    Ground
     not used        2B    not used
     not used        3C    not used
     not used        4D    not used
     Sound out       5E    Sound out (other speaker term,not specified as +/-)
     Key             6F    Key
     not used        7H    power on reset - not used
     Coin Sw A       8J    Coin Sw B
     Coin Meter A    9K    Coin Meter B
     Coin Lockout A 10L    Coin Lockout B
     Service Switch 11M    Tilt Switch
     Select 1       12N    Select 2
     1P Up          13P    2P Up
     1P Down        14R    2P Down
     1P Right       15S    2P Right
     1P Left        16T    2P Left
     not used       17U    not used
     not used       18V    not used
     not used       19W    not used
     not used       20X    not used
     1P Fire        21Y    2P Fire
     1P Warp        22Z    2P Warp

The ones I marked with an asterisk are also listed as "not used" in addition
to saying what they are for(?)...  Pin 9 on connector H is listed as 13v;
I'm hoping you can hook it up as 12v (I haven't gotten around to wiring up
my board yet...)

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